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Cannot you simply lay the mattress on the floor or equip the bed frame with a plate? Why put a slatted frame under a mattress? These or similar questions have certainly come to your mind before and can be easily answered.

A slatted frame – why?

  • The slatted frame ensures good ventilation of the mattress. The gaps between the strips allow air to circulate and moisture to be transported away from the mattress. This minimizes the risk of odors and mold.
  • Ideally, a slatted frame has resilient strips that support the adaptability of the mattress to the body. Depending on the quality and individual adjustability, a slatted frame counteracts back and shoulder pain and promotes a night of restful sleep.

Which slatted frame fits in my bed?

To clarify this question, you should take a close look at your bed before buying a slatted bed. Important here is primarily the devices for the slatted frame. If your bed has continuous side ledges and, if necessary, a central spar, you can insert any kind of slatted frame. If the bed frame is equipped with corner and center support brackets or with cross braces, your slatted frame requires a surrounding frame. Slatted frames are unsuitable in this case.

If you are considering the purchase of an electrically adjustable bed frame, the floor clearance of your bed is also important. To do this, measure the distance between the slatted base support and the floor before purchasing, as the motor and adjustment mechanism take up space under the bed.

How many bars are recommended?

The number of strips and the nature of the strips can be very different depending on the slatted base. While slatted frames or very cheap models usually have rigid strips at longer intervals, more ergonomically recommendable slatted frames are equipped with flexible strips in higher numbers. These curved uprights consist of glued layers of wood, which are made flexible by special steam treatment.

The more bars a slatted frame has, the better the storage of the mattress and the more individual and precise it can react to pressure. Especially if you use a foam mattress, the distances between the strips should not exceed 3-4 cm, otherwise, the mattress will sustainably be damaged and the strips will be pressed into the foam. Do not miss to visit our queen bed mattress sale section for the best deal.